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Red Line 80 Series, Slinky Long Travel, Intermediate Stage 1 75mm Lift kit


Red line 80 Series, “Slinky Long Travel”, Stage 1 #Intermediate 75mm lift kit

 The best “Overlanding” suspension for your 80 series

Longest Travel Suspension in the Marketplace

Best Ride and Handling Quality, over Any Other Kit out There

“Dual Rate” Long Travel Coil Springs

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Product Description

Red Line 80 Series, “Slinky Long Travel”, Stage 1 #Intermediate 75mm lift kit

The best ​”Overlanding” suspension PACKAGE ​for your 80/ 100/ 200 ​series AND FJ Cruiser.​

Longest Travel Suspension in the Marketplace designed around 33-35″ tires.​

​Best  ​Ride and Handling ​kit available for your Toyota. ​

This is our entry level suspension system for the Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser. The Stage 1 Heavy Duty system works nicely in all on and off-road scenarios improving factory body roll and over all driving ability whilst maximizing wheel travel over any other 75mm(2.96″) front and rear suspension package. Icon Suspension front 2.0″ Body shocks are tuned specifically to give your Toyota 80 Series TD or Petrol great ride quality on and off road for longer with remote reservoirs and are suitable up to 75mm of lift in the front while increasing wheel travel.

The rear 2.0″ Body smoothie Series shocks in this system are tuned to match the front shocks in every aspect, giving consistent smooth performance front to rear. Also provided is a pair of rear coil-springs, firmer rated to help with ride quality and handling, as well as to support any necessary equipment you may carry, for weekends and day trips averaging at aprox. 150-300 KG(331-661 lbs) of extra weight. Both front and rear are easily rebuild able and we carry a complete range of spare parts to suit.

This kit includes the front Aus spec Toyota 80 series TD and Petrol model shocks with extended travel with suitable spec valving and coil rate, as well as the rear 2.5″ extended travel shocks, with boots to protect the shafts, and the rear coils and suits all Toyota 80 series models.

Kit Includes

  •  Front 2.0″, Aus spec Toyota 80 Series TD and Petrol model Slinky Long Travel shocks
  • Rear 2.0″, Aus spec Slinky Long Travel shocks, with boots to protect the shafts
  • Dual Rate Coils with custom spec coil rate
  • Included in kit [sway bar spacer kit front included [SKU SA70101] required for clearance to front tail-shaft when drooped ]
  • Install kit, Bump stop drop adapters rear, rear sway bar control arm brackets
  • Brake lines, +4″ longer than stock.
​Please provide


OPTIONAL/ REQUIRED COMPONENTS for all tire size and 50-75mm lift kit combo’s

  • Adjustable Pan-hards rod front and rear for 3-2″ lifts
  1. Slinky Rear 80 series adjustable pan-hard rod. AU spec, PN SA70852,  294.99$
  2. Slinky Front LHD 80 series adjustable pan-hard rod. AU spec. PN SA70851L,  294.99$
  • (Total caster required is a minimum of 2 degrees) (Using Slee 4 degree caster plates is recommended)
  • Front wheel Alignment
  • Thrust angle/ pan-hard rod alignment


  • We recommend installing PN SB1044X,  99.99$  8MM chassis to radius arm offset bushings, for mud flap to tire clearance at full compression.
  • Use of factory type rear upper and lower control arms is ok, however you should install adjustable upper rear control arms for pinion angle adjustment
    ​ [3/8 longer lowers and adjustable uppers available]​
  • Use of factory driveshafts is ok. However a double carden front driveshaft should be used in the front with use of Slee 4 degree caster plates
  • We recommend using HD rear upper and lower control arms for peace of mind, with rock crawling type terrain. Also great for pinion angle adjustment and WB adjusting.


  • Must use Slinky radius arm offset chassis plates ( Moves front axle forward 25mm ) PN SA70855,  25$
  • Must use Slinky Rear Lower HD Control Arms (11mm offset) PN SA70854,  349.99$
  • Must use Slinky Rear HD Upper Adjustable Control Arms PN SA70855,  349.99$
  • Must do a 1″ body lift
    ​ or trim some fender.​
  • Factory type driveshafts ok, front and rear,( However a double carden front driveshaft should be used in the front with use of Slee 4 degree caster plates)

​But don’t take our word for it, see what other owners have had to say after installing our package.


I know of two people with stage 1 Slinky and two people with stage 4 Slinky, all who are very happy and have had no trouble. The ride and handling with the Icons is excellent.


Had an Slinky Long Travel kit fitted.  Previously had OME heavy front medium rear. Ride is chalk and cheese on road and off, travel in the rear is amazing and the front hasn’t yet lifted a leg on the bunny tracks near home! No regrets, that’s for sure!

Ms F

I have the Slinky Stage 1.

Not up there in terms of remote reservoirs and that fancy pants stuff but, in terms of happiness…I’m happy with the setup for what I do and have done with the car since. ​I was sold  the suspension ​and had it installed locally.   No comparison whatsoever between the stock and the Slinky. While the stock suspension did great up at Cape York, I was very glad I had the Slinky on at the Summit in the High Country. Handled it all nicely.


Plus one for Slinky stage one. As much as I like all the remote reservoir gear, in my eyes it’s just something else that can fail, too many links in the chain if you will. So far very happy with my Slinky stage 1, bang for buck.

Mr C. 

If I could only do one mod to the car it would be this, along with the LPG it is something that you notice every minute of every day that you drive the car. From 4wding with other mates, doing the highway kms between To Melbourne for work, through to all kinds of trips (in WA at the moment). I’m in it quite a bit, looks like I’ll put 50-60,000kms on the FJ in its first year.


Recently swapped out the rear Bilstein shocks for a pair of Slinky stage 1 long travel & after the snow trip yesterday are super impressed with the ride & handling. Don’t get me wrong the Billy’s have been excellent & are a huge improvement over OME etc but, the Icon definitely smooth out corrugations & pot holes to a new level.



Additional Information

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 45 x 6 in


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