50mm (2″) 100 Series Land Cruiser Slinky Suspension Lift Kit, Complete, Stage 1

Slinky Long Travel Suspension, 2.5″ Lift Kit for 100 Series Land Cruisers, complete kit

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Product Description

Are you looking for the best lift kit on the market for your 100 series Land Cruiser? Look not further! The 2″ Slinky Long Travel Suspension kit for your 100 series has all the top components that will ensure you’ll have the best ride on the trails.

This is a complete kit which will add 2″ of lift plus it will accomodate roughly 500 pounds of extra gear or a tire swing out in the back of your rig.


  • Stage 1, 50mm, 2.0″ Lift
  • ICON Shocks with Stainless Steel Body (Aussie Spec) 2.5″ Smooth Body front shocks. 2.0 Smooth body rear shocks
  • Blackhawk Long Travel, Heavy Duty Upper Control Arms which correct the caster and camber (non-adjustable) Uses factory ball joints!
  • Extended bump stops rear
  • Extended brake lines rear
  • Diff Drop Kit 1.5″
  • Aussie spec torsion bar rods
  • Heavy rated rear Coil springs. 400-600 lb constant load rating


  • Suspension travel’s 30% farther than stock
  • Designed to handle extra weight in the back (to handle a swing out or extra weight in the back)
  • Fast recoil on the suspension provides a smoother, more comfortable ride
  • Stay in control on the trails
  • Lift allows for larger tires
  • Heavy Duty control arms give you safety and security on the roughest of trails


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