This custom cruiser has over 100,000 invested. It’s main build scope process was to achieve performance in the aspect of mild 4 wheeling and street drive-ability with safety and style. While it shines off-road on the rocks and going down 2 track dirt roads with ease, this cruiser can drive with the same ease, long pavement trips and city driving. It has a very bright exterior color, refurbished seats for comfort, enough power to get into trouble or out of trouble, and a suspension and brake package that balances both together in a seamless package with style points!

Color: Camaro Inferno Orange

Trans: 1982 h41 4 Speed

T-Case: 1982 Split t-case with disc e-brake conversion

Front Axle FJ-40 width housing. Custom Built

-Nitro chromoly shafts

-Red Line Big Brake Kit

-Aisin hubs with chromoly hub gears

-ARP Hub studs

-Red Line Cut and Turn for proper caster and pinion angles

-Rebuilt Knuckles with 6 shooter arms, high steer upgrade

-5:29 Nitro r/p with ARB Air locker and solid spacer

Rear Axle: FJ45 NON US Full float.

-Disc brake conversion

-Rear full float RCV 300m custom double spline shafts with Drive flanges

-7/16” Hub stud mod with ARP fine thread hex flange bolts

-5:29 Nitro r/p with ARB air lockers and solid pinion spacers

Steering: Power steering> Custom High steer set up with J-20 3.5” piston Gear Box 4 turn box

-.188 wall DOM Tie rod and drag link using 23mm thread FJ-80 Tie rod ends

Suspension: Custom 4” lift Spring Under

-Custom built for 37’s maintaining the best ride quality on and off road

-Custom shocks mounts

-Custom Radflo remote reservoir shocks 2” smooth body/ 7/8” shafts

Drivetrain: V8 5.3l -06  GM Tahoe, 66k 289 hp

-Install with correct fitment for drive-line. 90 mph with no vibrations!

-Red Line v8 cooling system.

-Basic ex system with performance muffler 2.5” diameter

Engine bay: Custom for fitment of components required

-ARB twin air compressor add on

Brakes-Engine Bay:

-Red Line Big brake kit master cyl and power booster with adjustable Rear Bias Valve

Body: Custom components

-Red Line custom front tube fenders

-Red Line Old school” Family roll cage

-Interior seats Redone

-Custom Radio with roof speakers and console

-Red Line Billet dash knobs

-Red Line 40 Series front bumper with winch and radiator protection

-Rear Custom dual swing bumper

-Custom rock sliders

-Custom skid plate

-LED front headlights

-Engo winch with rope

-LED off road light, 2 on the front bumper 1 on rear bumper switched into reverse signal

-37” x12.50 x 17″ Cooper stt Tires

-17” Level 8 strike 6 pro aluminum wheels

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale

FJ40 For Sale