For Sale From a Red Line Customer: 1990 Toyota LandCruiser FJ62


The last year they made the FJ62! This red FJ62 is incredible, original condition and just needs a few things to be a daily driver (see list below). Interior is in very good condition including original upholstery, headliner, and carpet. The paint is still shiny and is the original paint. Very complete, original FJ62 at a great price!

  • Will be listed on eBay in late April
  • 274k miles (assuming lots of highway miles for the condition the interior is in)
  • Red exterior, blue interior
  • View 150+ photos below and download/view super high res photos here
  • Located in Monument, Colorado
  • VIN: JT3FJ62G8L1116229

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The Good:

  • Runs and drives great
  • Brand new radiator, lower radiator hoses, thermostat, thermostat housing gasket, and water inlet gasket being replaced this week
  • Vehicle scheduled for rust removal (and then replaced with new metal), replacing the banged in door with a good used door, and paint to match the original red color. It will be rust free once this is done.
  • Interior is in very good condition
  • Original red paint is in very good condition
  • Front axle completely rebuilt and repainted (bearings, seals, sway bar links/bushings, 3rd member gasket)
  • New plug wires, plugs, distributor cap and rotor (tuned up)
  • Transmission drained completely, new transmission pan gasket, all new auto transmission fluid
  • New antenna

What It Needs:

  • Rear brake shoes and the drums turned in the next 5,000 miles
  • You have to smack the top of the dash to get the radio to come on and the tape deck is not working
  • Will need new tires and an alignment; one of the tires is almost brand new
  • Has a leak in the exhaust near the catalytic converter