The FJ-UTE – A 4 Door 40 Series – Taking Orders Now!


Introducing the FJ-UTE from Red Line Land Cruisers!

The FJ-UTE (“UTE” as in Utility or “Ute Pass” in Colorado, is pronounced “yoot”) features an aluminum body modeled precisely after a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser body, which sits on a FJ80 frame. The standard FJ-UTE from Red Line will feature half doors and a full soft top. It utilizes the FJ80 suspension, engine, transfer case and transmission but takes on the look of a vintage LC with plenty of space for passengers in the first, second, and optional third row. A standard FJ-UTE starts at only $49,900, making it extremely affordable.

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*****     FJ-UTE FAQ     *****

Q: How long will it take to build my FJ-UTE?
A: To build a standard FJ-UTE will (BACKORDER 2 YEARS)

Q: What does a standard FJ-UTE cost?
A: $99,000  guaranteed, for a standard FJ-UTE

Q: Can I customize my FJ-UTE?
A: Yes – you can build your FJ-UTE to order. Please keep in mind that the more you customize your FJ-UTE, the longer the build out time.